Objective and Scope

The Nigerian Journal of Space Research (NJSR) was founded in 2005 by the Centre for Basic Space Science, (CBSS), National Space Resesarch and Development Agency, (NASRDA), Federal Ministry of Science and Technology, Abuja.

Number of publications per year

NJSR is published twice in a year, May and November.

Aims and objectives

NJSR serves as a medium or channel for the publication/dissemination of the works, findings and discoveries of researchers in Nigeria and other parts of the world in various areas of space science. Currently, NJSR is the only such important publication medium in Nigeria. Scientists/researchers themselves, during the workshop organized by NASRDA-CBSS in July 2004, identified the urgent need to have this journal. The Journal publishes original papers, editorials, news, conferences and career/professional information that are relevant to space Scientists/Researchers in Africa and the world.