• NJSR Journals are International Journals or not?

NJSR Journals are International Journals.

You can check editorial board and published papers.

NJSR Jornals are accepted globally.

  • What is review type of NJSR Journals?

NJSR Journals follow blind peer review process for

Selecting only best quality papers.Whether IOSR Journals are indexed Journals or not?

  • NJSR Journals are widely indexed journals.

NJSR Journals published papers are currently being indexed

in world top indexing like NASA ads, Cross Ref, ArXiv,

Google Scholar EBSCO Host, Index Copernicus,

ANED [American National Engineering Database],

Ulrich Web and many more.

  • NJSR Journals are online Journal or Print Journals?

NJSR are available both in print and electronic or online versions.

  • Wheather we will get hard copy of certificate or not?

NJSR Journals provide hard copy of certificates to all

Authors of paper after the publication of paper.

  • When we will get hard copy of journal and certificates?

NJSR Journals dispatch hard copy of Journal and certificates

Within 7 days of online publication of paper.


FAQS About Paper Publication

  • How we can submit our paper?

Author can submit paper through following link

What is NJSR Journal paper formats?

Author can download NJSR Journal paper format through

Following link: https://www.njsr.org.ng/author-guideline/

  • Is there a maximum limit for number of authors?

Maximum number of author may be up to 4.

  • Is there any page limit for paper?

Maximum page may be up to 14.

  • When do we have to pay publication fees?

You have to pay publication charges after the

acceptance of paper.

  • What are the publication charges?

For publication charges, please go through following link:


  • How we can pay fees?

There is various way of fees deposition:

  1. You can deposit fees directly in the NJSR bank

Account through directly by bank or net banking.

  1. Through DD [Demand Draft]
  2. Through Wire transfer
  • How can we check our published paper?

We will mail you the link of your paper after it has been published