NJSR Published Journals - Volume 14, Issue 1

On the evaluation of 2015 annual moon sighting research project at the centre for basic space science, Nsukka, Nigeria

Esaenwi and C.N. Ofodum



Analysis of the coverage area of nimet weather stations in nigeria based on wmo standard.

Adenodi R. A., Akinnubi Rufus, Ojo O. L., Kolebaje O. T. and Akinyemi P.

An assessment of soil temperature based on air temperature in the tropical climate of Nigeria

S. Ojo, M.O Ajewole and D. P. Akinmoye

Application of spatial interpolation technique for the determination of geoclimatic factor and fade depth using secondary variables for microwave applications in a tropical location

Olalekan L., Ojo, J.S and Omole O.V

Sq variations in the h and z components of the geomagnetic field at equatorial and low latitudes

T.N Obiekezie and Mgbeahurike C. I

Study of the relationship between forbush decrease and geomagnetic storm events using dst index.

Obiegbuna D.C., Okeke F.N., Okpala K.C.

The November 3rd 2013 partial solar eclipse: the effect of nigeria media popularization

Esaenwi, C.N Ofodum, B.I. Okere, F.E Opara, F.B. Sigalo, K.C Omaliko, C.B Wali, M.B Sigalo, S. Suraju, E.J. Eze, H. Okonkwo, U. Osuji, E. Omowa, C. Ogbonda, and A. Anuforom

Behavior of periwinkle reinforced stabilized lateritic soil subjected to repeated loading.

Ogbonda, and N. Longinus

NJSR Published Journals - Volume 14, Issue 2

Hard X-rays and Optical Activity in Ex Hydrae and V1223 Sgr

Esaenwi, S and Nwaffiah J.U.


Spectroscopy of iron equivalent line width in magnetic cataclysmic variables ex hya using suzaku,

S. Esaenwi and A.C Ugwoke



NJSR Published Journals - Special Edition

On the Origin of Fe kalpha emission line from intermediate polar Ex Hydrae 

Esaenwi and R.N.C Eze

Modeling the impact effect of meteorite crater in some parts of eastern Nigeria.

S.Esaenwi, C.N. Ofodum and C.I. Amaechi


Hard X-rays and Optical Activity in Ex Hydrae and V1223 Sgr

Esaenwi S and Nwaffiah, J.U


Space science and astronomy popularization: a critical assessment of the achievements of centre for basic space science, Nsukka, Nigeria.

Esaenwi and F.B. Sigalo


On the computation of September 1st 2016 partial solar eclipse in Nigeria

S. Esaenwi, and M.B Sigalo 


Bremsstrahlung Model of Hard X-Ray regions in Magnetic Cataclysmic Variable (mCV) Ex Hya Using Suzaku 

S. Esaenwi . R.N.C. Eze, C.N Ofodum. 3F.B Sigalo


Suzaku Spectral Observations of Fe kα lines and Hard X-Ray Origin in IP V1223 Sagittarii

Nwaffiah, J.U and Esaenwi, S

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