From the Editor-in-Chief

Application of scientific knowledge in attendance to societal needs signaled the commencement of human journey of civilization. In other words, a strong, dynamic and sustainable basic research enterprise is a foundation for progress. For societal goals like economic growth and development, strong national dense, healthy populace and environment to become realizable, other scientific discoveries and innovations must be translated into products, goods and services for the end users.

The role of the private sector in the development of science and technology therefore is critical because business survive when entrepreneurs continuously rely on innovations and acquaint themselves with new found knowledge regarding enhanced efficiency in the business of satisfying human needs particularly in the 21st century where economic spheres are knowledge driven.

In advanced economies like USA, Europe, China or other places where interplays between science and technology and vice versa. In those societies, it might be more convenient or fashionable to affirm that the two sectors are mutually-inclusive, more or less interdependent regarding their basis for relevance or existence. Hence the private sector has the responsibility to preserve, develop and nurture science and technology because it is the very life-wire for its existence.

The Nigerian National Science and Technology system has not impressively played its roles in feeding the Nigerian private sector with the necessary intellectual tonic for survival when juxtaposed with the countries already mentioned above. This is not an indictment on the science and technology sector or community in Nigeria but rather a clarion call that our relevance in the 21st century global economic phenomenon or among the comit of nations will depend largely on how we as a nation give attention to people from mass poverty, frustration, embarrassing situation of youth unemployment, insufficient wealth creation or growth of the national GDP.

Nigerian economy largely depends on research, scientific findings and innovations taking place outside the shores of the country, Nigeria. The question we need to ask ourselves therefore is “At what point would Nigeria’s own research, science and technology outcomes begin to serve the need of fellow citizens? This is food for thought for all of us.

“It is only Science and technology that can make a nation become great: It is the only veritable endowments which God gave to man to solve the problems of hunger and to unravel mysteries of a people experiencing abject poverty and yet dwell a top abundant resource beneath the soil. Now and the future ultimately belong to those who make friends with it” (Sir Jal-Wah-Lal Nehu).

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