NJSR Scope and areas of coverage

The Journal accepts for publication articles/papers that will serve the purpose of disseminating new research findings in space science, such as:

  1. Environmental Science
  2. Satellite communication
  3. Space Science Education
  4. Rocketry
  5. Remote sensing
  6. Atmospheric sciences
  7. Meteorology
  8. Astronomy and Astrophysics
  9. Instrumentation/Electronics/Software Development
  10. Geodesy and Geo-dynamics
  11. Space Science and Technology
  12. Space Applications
  13. Space Transport and Propulsion

Publication Process of NJSR

The Publication Process Is Consisting With The Following Steps. The Ultimate Objectives Of This Process Are Quality.

1. After Receiving The Manuscript We Will Send A Submission Of Acknowledgement E-Mail   to The Author.

2. Manuscripts Will Be Checked By Plagiarism Checker Software.

3. Primary Quality Will Be Checked By The Editor.

4. The Manuscript Will Be Sent For Double Blinded Review.

5. Based On The Double Blinded Review Editor Will Take Decision And The Decision Will Be Communicated To The Author. Decisions Can Be Three Types Like Accepted Without Revision, Resubmit With Major/Minor Revisions, Rejected.

6. After The Final Review Process If The Paper Will Accepted We Will Send A Payment Request To The Author.

7. Author Need to Deposit Publication Fee after the Payment Request.

8. After submission of copyright and fee article will publish with in 24 Hours

The Features of NJSR

  • Direct Link to Abstract
  • Open Access to all researchers
  • Authors can search article by name, title or keywords
  • Direct link to Abstract on each article
  • Statistics of each article as no. of times it viewed and downloaded
  • Fast publication process
  • Proper peer review process
  • Suggestion to author if article need modification
  • Post-publishing work like indexing of each article to different databases.
  • Journal publishes online as well as print version.
  • Print version dispatch to author within a week on request
  • Complete statistics of Every issue will be displayed on the same date of issue releasing
  • Journal provide digitally signed e-certificates to all author after the publication of paper